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Community Program Director

Status [Under Review]


The Tech Alliance (‘TA’) Community Program Director is responsible for all aspects of the Tech Alliance’s community outreach strategy.  This position will involve working with government, education, business, and grassroots technology communities throughout the Central Oregon region and the state to promote and grow the technology sector within the region.

This is a community engagement position that seeks to create a more vibrant tech ecosystem in Central Oregon and to raise the level of awareness of how technology can both support and lead small business growth in the community.

This position requires a self-starter who is expected to contribute both ideas and energy towards the development and execution of strategic goals as defined by the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon, its members and sponsorship organizations. This is a part-time position with the opportunity to move into a full-time position if the need arises.


Direct Tech Alliance programs, including:

  • TechSpace Bend
  • BVC related events (unConference, etc)
  • Tech talks & speaker series
  • Business workshops
  • Incubator training series
  • Internship programs
  • Code fests & hackathons

Develop & Support the online tech community of Central Oregon

  • Recruit local bloggers to contribute to TA site
  • Organize social communications (twitter/facebook)
  • Centralize and consolidate tech centric information and resources
  • Design civic, economic and/or social programs that leverage readily available technologies

Support & Engage local tech groups

  • Develop awareness and engagement with local tech groups

Fund raising

  • Coordinate/facilitate fundraising strategy and outreach

Community awareness

  • Promote the programs supported by the Tech Alliances
  • Communicate to the community the benefits of what the TA is doing
  • Hold semi-annual forums that seek to both gain input about future development of the mission and spread awareness of current outreach

Engage economic development agencies and organizations

  • Work with the City of Bend (Redmond, Prineveille, La Pine) ,, and EDCO to identify areas where TA can help promote our region and economy to small businesses and startups
  • Be front-runner in identifying emerging mini-economies that can be benefitted by TA

Develop and gather metrics to measure success of our engagement initiatives

  • Online analytics
  • Online followers/friends
  • Online survey of tech community
  • Survey of partner agencies (COCC, OSU, EDCO, and others)
  • events and feedback

Performance Metrics

Job performance will be measured by the year-to-year improvements in data and metrics gathered above.

Performance will also be based on feedback provided by persons from various agencies and community partners.


  • 24k/year, starting (Part-time)


We are looking to secure funding for this position through grants, sponsorship opportunities and donations.

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