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Strategic Plan

Interconnecting the Central Oregon Tech Community


Directory of Tech Talent

Develop, manage and maintain a directory of Tech Talent (Workforce) in and around Central Oregon

Tech Work Space

Support the effort to develop sponsored tech workspace in Central Oregon

Education and Training

Partner and collaborate with the local Education community to help design an effective curriculum and set of services that support current workforce demands and emerging technologies


Support and Coordination

Provide a set of turnkey resources to the tech community to assist in room reservation, resource scheduling and funding

Series of Signature Events

To facilitate, organize and promote a series of technology centric events throughout the year combined with a signature event that brings the local tech professionals together with companies throughout the North West


Define and execute a sustainable marketing strategy to support the Tech Alliance and associated events and efforts

Membership and Sponsorship

To land 4 founding sponsors and a mix of premier and supporting sponsors to help sustain the efforts of the Tech Alliance


Explore opportunities to leverage technology centric grants to help drive and sustain our efforts in and around Central Oregon

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