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TechSpace Bend

What it is

TechSpace Bend (TSB) is a non-profit, co-working facility run by the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon. TechSpace Bend currently consists of 8 Work desks, 3 Offices, communal drop-in and collaboration space and a unique conference room in the Old Humidor.

Why we believe in it

By providing a physical space for entrepreneurs and startups, investors, and our local tech community, we hope to create a more robust foundation for local economic growth and development.

How it’s doing

TechSpace Bend is a great success chugging along at 90% capacity over the past 6 months. TechSpace Bend has become an asset to the community and a focal point for our local tech community.

Future Plans

We plan to continue to drive and support TechSpace Bend and look for opportunities to extend and enhance our services.

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